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For my clients, I facilitate learning processes, set up professional development programs and perform evaluations in these areas.

The aim is to create a learning environment that will make the organization stronger. I see learning as being a social process to a large extent. Dialogue, cooperation and interaction are crucial to this process. We learn by working with each other, sharing experiences and developing new knowledge.

Examples of projects:

  • Development and execution of professionalization programs for organizational development consultants in Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • ‘Training on the job’ of consultants working on an international level by developing and executing a learning program together with them.
  • Training sessions in the field of (organizational) development and learning for staff and management of non-governmental organizations. For example, the design and facilitation of a learning program of one year for thirty staff members of an Angolan non-governmental organization.
  • Various training courses and workshops on topics such as change management and diversity in personnel policy.
  • Co-facilitation of a learning event about Evaluative Thinking for twenty-five African Think Tanks.
Wieteke Beernink

Statements by participants:

“Wieteke is a source of inspiration for learning. Her calm, empathetic, yet questioning approach helps participants in development processes to become aware of new horizons and to feel the confidence to walk in new paths”.
Peter Taylor, IDRC Think Tank Initiative

“Wieteke guided us in embedding learning experiences structurally in our organization. The process we completed with her was inspiring and effective. Wieteke is sensitive to the needs of an organization, is good at communicating and provided us with many new tools that are easy to put to use. The usability of these instruments has proved itself both in our daily work as well as in the longer term when we work on the advancement of capacity of our partners”.
Ineke van Winden, Director of Programma’s Kinderpostzegels

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