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Many interim management jobs turn out to involve change issues. As an interim manager, I support the development and realization of the desired change and contribute to anchoring new behaviour and methods of working.

I like working on a strategic level. My experience with both the soft and the hard sides of organizations comes in very handy.

Examples of projects:

  • For a national non-commercial organization, running its large-scale change and reorganization process that had come to a standstill. This introduced direction and focus to the process, gave line management an important role to play, addressed and tackled the major issues and realized change goals.
  • Management functions for various non-profit organizations.

Statements by clients:

“You can really tell that Wieteke Beernink has more than 25 years of experience in the field of development processes in organizations. She has this special mixture: she radiates an inner calm and at the same time concentrates strongly on stimulating pluck and decisiveness. She appeals to the strength of employees and gives them enough space. That brings energy and focus back into the organization and employees take up their responsibilities fully”.
Rosien Herwijer, former director of PSO

“As interim manager of our policy team on content, Wieteke brought back connection and direction to this team in a professional way. In just a short space of time she was responsible for improving the relationships in the team, which increased its effectiveness. She was a wonderful link between the team and me as director. When requested, but also on her own initiative, she provided me with useful advice”.
Louise van Deth, director of Stop Aids Now

Naar boven

‘Nothing will work unless you do’
Maya Angelou